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iphone x price

Apple iPhone X Price in USA

Apple iPhone X is the latest iPhone that has been launched on September 13, 2017. It will start to be delivered in USA from November but when will it start in India is a question that is hard to answer. But, going by the earlier trends, the Apple iPhone X price can be predicted in India and we are sure that our calculation would be right. iPhone X in India would be in the costly segment of mobile phones but we can expect it to sell like hot cake like every other Apple mobile in the past. The Apple iPhone X has been launched in USA at a price of $999 for the 64 GB Variant and $1149 for the 256 GB variant. This has made iPhone X the costliest iPhone till date.

Apple iPhone X Price in India
Going by the earlier trends, for example, the Apple iPhone 7 was launched for $649, and it was available in India for Rs. 60.000. Although it was being sold for Rs. 55000, it is roughly 35-40% more than the US launch Price. So, according to this calculation, as the iPhone X is launched for $999 and $1149 respectively, we can expect it to be very expensive in India. Going by this calculation, we have calculated the iPhone X price in India and we assure that this will be the most accurate price because we also checked with the custom sites to make this calculation.

The iPhone X Price in India for the 64 GB variant will be : Rs. 90,000-95,000

Where can you buy iPhone X?

The iPhone X is not available in India yet. It will take some time for Apple to launch the iPhone X in India, but we will come here with the latest updates regarding the release dates.  Once it is launched, it will be available at Flipkart, Amazon and all other leading E-Commerce stores.

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